Biomarker Analysis

Biological systems continually express and suppress the production of molecules in response to the environment or a biological state. Correlation of the up and down regulation of these molecules can be very useful in discerning various biological pathways. While biomarkers can be any molecule that indicates a biological state, generally in life science research, peptides and proteins are of greatest importance. These proteins can play many roles in the body. Hormones and their regulation can designate metabolic states. Cytokines, chemokines, and growth factors designate intercellular signaling, and phosphoproteins intracellular signaling. Cell signaling and metabolism refer to the mechanisms behind common disease states and the associated markers are useful in measuring and monitoring such things as disease progression and drug response. In this section we discuss the importance of biomarker discovery and the practical use of biomarkers in cancer and other disease research.

  • Radioimmunoassays
  • CLIA
  • Colorimetric
  • Immunoturbidimetric

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